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Long Term rent for apartment with one room near the Lake of Tirana

In the apartment are included wifi 30 mbps and water fees. You can enjoy the staying and the view at night and also the fresh air of the Artificial Lake of Tirana. Have a look at the map and pictures and call to schedule a visit.

€ 300
Apartament 1+1 me qera prane Liqenit Artificial ne Tirane

Uji perfshihet ne cmim 30 Mbps internet i paguar

€ 250
Lokal me qera ne Tirane tek Brraka

Prane Prokurorise se Tiranes, i kompletuar me bilardo / ping-pong / lloto me licence. Aktualisht ne gjendje pune.

Toke truall ne shitje tek Ardeno
€ 5,600,000
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