Terms of use


Updated at: 24 December 2016

UAIBO is a platform for promotion, management or administration of real estates. If you choose to use the services, then you agree with these terms. Terms may change from time to time and always will be published on this page. Services may be added, modified or suspended at any time or limits can be set for the paid services. UAIBO has the right to automatically update the service in newer versions. You do not have the right to do business using the logo, name, or UAIBO options unless you do have permision from the administrators.


You agree that the data used for creating, modifying the account will be accurate. If you represent a company then UAIBO reserves the right to request an authorization from the company that you represent. Each UAIBO account is only for one user and you have the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your password and any activity that you perform on your account. If you believe that your account is stolen or being used by someone else, then please contact us immediately at: info@uaibo.com


Fixed assets are and remain in your ownership, meanwhile the information that you publish or you can modify can also be modified, deleted from UAIBO to improve the quality of service to customers or other visitors. You agree that the information that you publish is under your copyright or you are authorized to publish that information. Copying information from UAIBO for non-personal use is prohibited. Publications must adhere to the rules of ethics and contain as much information as needed about your assets, while UAIBO reserves the right to delete it when the information is incomplete or inaccurate. UAIBO reserves the right to distribute/promote your published information, through other channels such as RSS or social media in order to help you reach more potential customers.


UAIBO reserves the right to ask for commision for certain parts of the service and that these parts of the service will become available to you only after completing the appropriate payment or subscription.


You can communicate with UAIBO through email address: info@uaibo.com. By creating an account you give UAIBO the right to contact you and provide products or services in your interest.

If we reasonably believe that you have violated these conditions, then it could lead to blocking access to our platform.